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UnReaL Radio feat Born In Flamez

This episode of UnReaL Radio features our premiere label release: Born In Flamez, a new post-pop, post-gender, post-possible project. Aside from sultry bedroom sounds, s/he plays tracks from their upcoming UnReaL Audio EP Polymorphous, out August 28th.

The first hour features a set by UnReaL’s BlackBlackGold:
YNGN & Gundam – Heat Stroke
XVII – Coco Is The Queen (ft. teams)
Tobacco – Sweatmother
Amnesia Scanner – Mentally
Wen – Bombarded
Kyle Bruckmann – Four Investigations Of A Dubious Premise II
Aisha Devi – Throat Dub
El Mahdy Jr & Gantz – Black Sun
Vessel – Red Sex
Nevermind ft. Footsie – Don’t Get Gassed
Kelis – Fish Fry (Visionist Remix)
Ki† – L.W.O. (Produced by Supreme Cuts)
JK & Xavier Wulf – Cold Sake (Gold Wvlf Bootleg)
Lenkemz – Can’t See You (ft. Fat Don)
3 Teeth – Final Product (Freakangel Remix) VS Daniel Avery – Reception (Perc Remix) VS New Order – Confusion (Pump Panel – Reconstruction Mix) VS Pharmakon – It Hangs Heavy
The Horrorist – The Man Master (Carretta & Workpoorer Remix)
Trust – Icabod
The Bug – Function
Vierance – Shift
Android Lust – Amnion
Demdike Stare – 40 Years Under The Cosh
Shadowlust – Chrysanthemum (Coma)
Youth Code – Consuming Guilt
Rudimentary Peni – Only Human
The Panacea – Found A Lover (Cooh Remix)
Mondkopf – Ave Maria
Lauren Bousfield – Piano Intro (as outro)

Born In Flamez’ Sleep inducing peptite: obsequies
Born In Flamez : the coming insurrection
Falty DL: aqui port lligat
Submerse: struck out
Falty dl: grief
Daughters of the sun: fly by
Pixelord: answer
Pixelord: tumblr girl
Fka twigs: hours
Skeptical : chain reaction
Born In Flamez: time hurtz
Trapah: mind control
Trapah: fortune
Born In Flamez: peniz envy
Chemist: defiance
FKA twigs: closer
Jim e Stack : everything to say
Jim e Stack: ease up
Regis: fragment 4
Lil Silva: kimmy
Jim e Stack : run
Lil Silva: right for you feat banks
Glass Eyes feat Born In Flamez : unnamed unreleased
Born In Flamez: Polymorphous (alternate version)

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