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UnReaL Radio: Get gHashed

“New media warp, disrupt, or amplify human communication, and since communication is so basic to our sense of consensus reality, this disruption results in a loosening of the claims of that reality.” —Erik Davis

UnReaL Radio is loose once more in the ether with sets of new and obscene audio from xorzyzt, Tom Ass and BlackBlackGold! Fill your ears with our reality.

Damien Dubrovnik – Vegas Fountain
Somec – Where Is My License Plate
Brood Ma – NRG JYNX YKV (Yearning Kru Remix)
Various Production – Opus
Prurient – Greenpoint

Tom Ass
Russell E. L. Butler – Bankole
Ela Orleans – The Sky and the Ghost
Severed Heads – Hot With Fleas
Lakker – Pylon
Walls/Oram – Extremely Long Corridor
Blanck Mass – Dead Format
Deadboy – Copwar
Ninos Du Brasil – Clelia Clelia

HEALTH – New Coke
Diesle DPower ft D Double E – See No Evil (Loom Remix)
Malanoche – Lust
King Plague – Lacrime (AURAM Remix)
Рaдость Моя – На плоть
Sugashimotaru – MUUSOZEN
Rihanna – BBHMM (P. Morris Remix)
EiMusic â – God, How Can You Let This Happen
Tarcar – Eija
Noveller – Rubicon
Curses – Slow Lights
Fifty Grand – Moon Asking To Stay (Kellbender Remix)
Prurient – Jester In Agony
Death In June – Daedalus Rising [ft. David Tibet]

UnReaL present #gHashtag this Saturday in Berlin, featuring #oceanvibes from Ultrademon and hard weirdness from Lumieré Blue’s Margo!

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