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The miX-Files: Vaghe Stelle

Vaghe Stelle
‘s blend of woozy electronics and fractured grime mechanics are the sound of dreamworlds and post-industrial reality colliding. Daniele Mana, the Turin-based veteran producer, has been honing the Vaghe Stelle sound since 2009, but it wasn’t until 2013 when he released two EPs, Out of Body on Geneva’s force du jour Danse Noire, and H.O.P.E. on Berlin via Turin’s mysterious Gang of Ducks that the sparks began to fly for us at UnReaL HQ. In 2014, with his first LP, Sweet Sixteen, on London’s Astro:Dynamics and One Circle‘s second EP (production trio with Lorenzo Senni and A:RA ) on G.O.D. the current is rising fast. Let yourself fall in.


Russell Haswell – In Memorium of Elph
Unknown – Unknown
Unknown – Unknown
Levantis – Pieces
Paul Van Dyk – Today
One Circle – Alpha Composing
Dj Mafia Boy – Tarrachinha Pesada
Dj Marfox – Banda 52
Jam City – Untitled
Lorenzo Senni – High Places
Unknown – Unknown
M.E.S.H. – Imperial Sewers
Airhead – Shirin
Sudanim – Pleasure Flood
youtube rip
Shackleton – Vor Und Zuruck
Yilma Hailu – Unknown
Lucky Dragons – Open Melody
Unknown – Unknown

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