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UnReaL Radio: Mental Lockdown

On our latest transmission, UnReaL’s BlackBlackGold and xorzyzt blend hyper-current and classic sounds trapping their auras in audio limbo.

Geneva Jacuzzi – Technophilia
Arca – Lonely Thugg (Santa Muerte Bootleg)
111X – What I’ve Done Wrong
Gazelle Twin – Anti Body
Pact Infernal – Circle VII (Anger)
The Soft Moon – Far (Blush Response Remix)
Lord Mu – 1000% Hard
Korn – Freak On A Leash (Celestial Trax mix)
eMMplekz – Less Trap More Clap
Gaika – Knuckleduster (ft. Trigga)
5 Skaay & MC Bringquedo – Roa A-Roa A
Lokana – Body Double
KXVU – Little Lion
OG Maco & Mr. Mitch – U Guessed It x Padded
DJ NJ Drone – Syn Stair (No Fountain)
Celestial Trax – Bleed Wiv Me
Rules – Heat
Alfred English – Piston (WWWINGS Remix)
Kamixlo – Montanadelamuerte
ANOHNI – Hopelessness
The Poisoned Glass – The Still Air
Julianna Barwick – Same

Current 93 – Falling Back In Fields of Rape
23 Skidoo – Gregouka
Guybrush – A Color That You’ve Never Seen Before
Memotone – Ritual
Hvad – Bleeding Grey Wall
Hex – Ruin Value
Peder Mannerfeldt – I Love You
Tim Hecker – Music of the Air
Andy Stott – Too Many Voices
Peter Christopherson – Farther Sun
Coil / Zos Kia – Rape
Zahgurim – Dog Uni

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