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UnReaL Radio: Unknown Precept Special Feat. Nick Klein

UnReaL welcomes Nick Klein, Brooklyn-based noisenik and head of the Primitive Languages who recently released a killer 12″ on Unknown Precept, into the BCR studio for a guest DJ set. Touted as « techno’s top bachelor of the year » by Tiny Mix Tapes, the Brooklyn-based artist specializes in hard-baked and fetid slow techno gauntlets, exploring soiled theatrics and rusty progressions that prompts primal action on the floor.

Nick joins Profligate, Maoupa Mazzocchetti, and Miguel Alvariño on Sept.5th, all performing live at Urban Spree for UnReaL’s Unknown Precept showcase. More info here.



Heavy Hearts – Suffocation
Fetty Wap – Boomin (Hellion Remix)
SHAWNNA GUY – ([almost hit by a lightning]BHZZ)
Foals – What Went Down (Haxan Cloak Remix)
FKA twigs – Figure 8
Fringe Class – LIE$$$ (Force Publique Remix)
Silento – Watch Me (??? Remix)
Whitney Fierce – Breathe (Curses Remix)
Mobile Pro – Gasoline & Matches
VIOLENCE – Embrace of Enkidu and Gilgamesh

Tom Ass:

Body Boys – Peter
Umfang – Vast
Bleaching Agent – Static Renegade
Truss – Clawdd Du


Oneirogen – Vessel
Family Sex – Manbait (Regis Version)
Blondes – Inner Motive
Black Rain & Shapednoise – Interceptor (Miles Ramen Reshape)
AnD – Non Sky Signal Noise (Justin Broadrick as JK Flesh remix)

Nick Klein:

Valise – Excerpt from ZeroCopula (Primitive Languages)
L. Lewis – Excerpt from OX (Primitive Languages)
Lack – Perfervidae (Morphine)
Cienfuegos – Descending Order (Unknown Precept)
Wilted Woman – Canoing (Primitive Languages)
Cop City/Chill Pillars – Cul De Sac (unreleased)
Enrique – Culture (unreleased)
Article Collection – Generative Series: Nonphysical Synthesis (unreleased)

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