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The miX-Files: Morkebla

Following releases on UK labels Reckno,  Where To Now?, and Indole Records, Italian soundsmith Mørkeblå a.k.a. Alberto Rosso, has just resurfaced with another gem out of the ether, this time for Budapest’s Farbwechsel. ‘Meet Me In A Decompression Chamber’ drops you into the amniotic fluid of the galaxy and lets you float weightless in the vast expanse of stardust. The EP also features remixes by Ketev, S.Olbricht, and Beatrice Dillon. Fittingly Rosso’s mix also employs the sensation of suspension, but not without submission.

Artwork by Daniel Jani

XIII – Laguna
Black Mold – Virginia Slim
Lightning Bolt – Mythmaster
Dalhous – B2 – Untitled 2
Luca Sigurtà – DIM
Boya – That’s Us
Morkebla – Within Deep Corridors (Beatrice Dillon Remix)
Arca – Promise
Kinlaw – Nichiren
Nadia Khan – Untitled
Morkebla – Dungeon Rave
Dalhous – B2 – Untitled 1
AL-90 & Morkebla – Untitled

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