patten (Warp Records) live A/V + André Uhl

11/04/2014. 22.00
Naherholungen Sternchen

Craving manna from heathens? We’re gonna get you, succor. Join us in a feast of freaks as we bring you two deadly dishes—served, like so many fine things, extremely rare.

For the first course, André Uhl prepares darkly delectable ambience, laced with grime and dub-flavored beats. No need to sharpen the knives afterward, because patten serves up razor-edged musical collages, where harmony and discord meet, mate, and are masticated into your ears at alarming angles. For those who missed him at CTM this year, you’ll have a live A/V buffet of tasty morsels.

To whet your aural appetite, in-between we invite you to savor the charred bass of URL’s own in-house chefs xorzyzt, Tom Ass and BlackBlackGold. Bring a napkin—it’s gonna get messy.

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